30  Years of  returning


Liberty Fundraising Sales, Inc. is now in its

30th year of business.  


Liberty serves a wide variety of customers from high school groups, elementary schools and various groups outside school. 

Liberty Fundraising is privately owned and operated by Allen, Patty, Stephen & Claire Schroeder.  

 We are a stable, locally owned corporation that is debt free.

-- Superior Products and Personalized Services that are on the cutting edge of the Industry.  

-- Our products have high customer value and sales are very repeatable from year to year.  We have many customers who have taken orders for our products for more than a decade! ·        

-- Locally owned and operated with community in mind.

-- Proven methods for organizing your fundraiser with our personal attention to help you have a successful and profitable fundraiser.  ·        

-- Personalized Delivery schedules and help for you in distribution.

-- We DO NOT ship our Frozen Food products.   

-- We personally deliver our products.       

​-- Superior Prize programs that MOTIVATE Students and Parents. Prizes are delivered with or ahead of product delivery.