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As your child's first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school. Fundraising sales teaches responsibilty and fosters community spirit.




We invite you to work with your teachers and chairpersons to help students get all the good experiences they can out of their fundraiser.


Liberty Fundraising Sales, Inc. is now in its twenty seventh (28) year of business.  In 2013, we helped groups take orders for over 1.75 million dollars of product.


Liberty serves a wide variety of customers from high school groups,  large elementary schools and various groups outside school. 

​Liberty Fundraising prides itself on the use of the Highest Quality of Products in the industry, Superior Customer Service,Customized Delivery, and Tailored Programs to fit the customers’ needs.  We have prospered by helping our customers build a repeat business with quality products, dependable service, and on time deliveries. 
We PERSONALLY deliver all of our Frozen Food products to offer dependable delivery schedules tailored to each individual customer’s needs. 

​Liberty Fundraising is privately owned and operated by Allen, Patty, Stephen & Claire Schroeder.  

We are pleased to announce the addition of our son, Stephen, and his wife, Claire, to our business as they will be working to take over operations in the next few years.

 We are a stable, locally owned corporation that is debt free.

    -- Superior Products and Personalized Services that are on the cutting edge of the Industry.  

    Our products have high customer value and sales are very repeatable from year to year.  We have many customers who have taken orders for our products for more than a decade! ·        

    Locally owned and operated with community in mind.

    Proven methods for organizing your fundraiser with our personal attention to help you have a successful and profitable fundraiser.  ·        

    Personalized Delivery schedules and help for you in distribution.

    We DO NOT ship our Frozen Food products.   

    We personally deliver ALL of our products at the same time. ·        

    Superior Prize programs that MOTIVATE Students and Parents. Prizes are delivered with or ahead of product delivery.