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Some results we like to share!

A Parent Teacher Organization in Sheridan Wyoming with 245 students participating

sold $47,603.00 worth of product towards their goal.

With only 104 students working, an elementary school in rural Wyoming brought in $46,634.00 for their school.

Some  301 energetic Tiger Cubs in Colorado were able to raise $79,901 in retail sales.

A Rapids City, South Dakota PTA organized $40,407.00 worth of sales with their enthusiastic 308 students.

29 students in fifth grade in Joliet, Montana were wowed with community response bringing in $11,336.00 in sales.

$77,298.00 of product sold making the 368 students working together in Alamosa so happy!

​The power of 185 motivated Grand Junction elementary school students brought them profits from their retail sales of $34,113.00.

4th graders, only 131 of them, in a small town in South Dakota, brought in $44,034.00 in sales from their Rocky Mountain Gourmet campaign.

An elementary  student council in Gillette, Wyoming rounded up $27,420.00 in sales with their posse of  153 participants.